Segway is the first self-balacing personal transportation device that are designed to operate in any pedestrian environment. It is designed to mirror the process of human walking.

If you are looking for a environmentally friendly sighseeing tour full of adrenaline, you have to look for a Segway guided tour in the city you are planning to visit!

Once you have tried a Segway guided tour, you will want to do it again in your next travel destination!

It is a growing trend and has been gaining more and more followers.

It is therefore natural for the emergence of synergies between companies that allow their customers to enjoy the best Segway experiencies during their trips around the world!

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At EcoArt, we have a fantastic team of Romans and international travelers who are dedicated to ensuring your trip to Rome is nothing less than unforgettable. We’re travelers, too – just like you. We know exactly what makes the difference between a good trip and an amazing trip to Rome. Take advantage of green technology to super-charge your Rome vacation. With Rome by Segway, you’ll see more sights in less time. Best part is, at the end of the day, your feet don’t ache! Find more at: