“Tiles around Lisbon’s neighbourhoods

Azulejos are present in so many corners of the city, at belvederes, metro stations, church fronts, or on walls of important buildings. Take a tour of the city and enjoy a study of them.
In Alfama, the “azulejos” show the images of saints. They are placed at the entrance of houses as a form of protection. On the big panels of the São Vicente de Fora Monastery, the “azulejos” describe the conquer of Lisbon, with the christians climbing the city walls built by the Muslims. Some war arms can be seen, as well as dead bodies, describing what was lived during this battle.
Throughout the Bairro Alto or the Chiado areas, some of the facades of houses are filled with this Portuguese form of art. Each group of them tells a story. Take some time to study the symbols, the body languages and the materials represented. Stop at the São Roque Church or at the Ferreira das Tabuletas house.
But the crown point of the tiles tour is in the beautiful town of Sintra. This breathtaking place is home to some of the most important and impressive Portuguese palaces. Inside the Vila Palace or in the National Palace you may see one of the most genuine application of the art of tiles, a very popular form of art of the Portuguese monarchy for many centuries.”
(site http://www.visitar-lisbon.com/en/museums-and-exhibitions/tiles-lisbon.html)