Already available the trailer and posters Facing the Inside Out film.

The new Edgar Pera film premiered November 27 in theaters, has Diogo Morgado, Jorge Corrula and Diana Monteiro in the lead roles and cameos from Anselmo Ralph and Barbara Guimarães.

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John (Diogo Morgado) is a celebrated writer going through a huge crisis of creativity. Also their love life live moments of doubt: the pressure to finish a new book makes John chord a day without recognizing that the person who has to his side, Carlos (Jorge Corrula), is the one who wants to continue to share life. John decides to depart and free from commitments, it is assumed as a true single reveler. Who will take this situation is Isabel (Diana Monteiro), the rival writer John. Isabel just needed a slide, with his lack of scruples, stepping John and stay ahead.

Facing the Inside Out is a hilarious comedy able to surprise those who think you’ve seen everything.

Facing the Inside Out

Premiere November 27

A Edgar Pera film

Cinematography by Miguel Sales Lopes

Soundtrack of José Joaquim de Castro

Argument Frederick Pombares, Henrique Dias and Roberto Pereira

Cast: Diogo Morgado, Jorge Corrula, Diana Monteiro, Nicholas Breyner, Marina Albuquerque, Nuno Melo, Rui Melo, Philippe Leroux, Alvaro Faria, Isabel Medina, Melanie Gomes, Miguel Borges, Rui Unas, Marco Paiva, José Wallenstein, Miguel supporter and Vanessa Ferreira

Special interests: Anselmo Ralph and Barbara Guimarães

A co-production of Cinecool and Cinemate, turned inside out has the support of the US.

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