After the Covid-19 pandemic changed our routines, we are preparing our slow return. It will be a great pleasure meeting you again. During this time we were not standing still. We took the opportunity to create new contents and itineraries for our tours and we are ready to surprise you.

We adhere to the Clean and Safe Sealof “Turismo de Portugal” (Tourism Authority), which recognizes companies in the tourism sector that comply with the recommendations of the National Health Authority (DGS) to avoid contamination of spaces with SARS-CoV-2 (new coronavirus).


In this context, we have adopted the following measures:

  • Training for all employees:
  • All Tejo Tourism employees received certified training given by “Turismo de Portugal” on how to comply with the DGS (National Health Authority) recommendations;
  • Reinforcement in the work routine of specific information on hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette and social conduct;
  • Incentive for self-monitoring of body temperature and other symptons.
  • Work organization:
  • We continue to operate only private tours;
  • Vehicles and equipment are sanitized according to DGS (National Health Authority) recommendations after each service;
  • Our employees will use a facial visor and a disposable mask;
  • Whenever required, they will also wear gloves;
  • Disinfectant wipes available to customers during services;
  • Disposable masks available to customers who want to wear them;
  • Provision of an alcohol-based antiseptic solution in our vehicles and facilities.
  • Customer information:
  • Information on how to comply with the basic precautions for infection prevention and control in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak are available at our facilities and vehicles.
  • Internal protocol:
  • The company drew up a contingency plan in the context of the COVID-19 outbreak that allows, in particular, to trigger procedures in case of suspected infection during the services.

Within this new environment, our singular goal is to provide guests, partners and employees with the confidence and assurance that their health and safety is our first priority. While the overall experience may look different in this new environment, we will work hard to make it feel the same: personalized, authentic and unique