7 reasons to retire in Portugal by John Malkovich

2014/09/09 2 Comments

In a recent interview, John Malkovich gave his opinion about Portugal, the city of Lisbon and how fine is to live in Portugal, either working or retiring.

John Gavin Malkovich born in the United States in 1953is an actor, producer, director and fashion designer.

In his long carreer he appeared in more than 70 pictures.

For his roles in Places in the Heart and In the Line of Fire, he received the Academy Award nominations.

1. John knows Lisbon for more than 15 years. He has been working and visiting Lisbon for several times.

2. His first impression, as far as he could remember, was the people – friendly, smiling and terrific in his own words. He loves Lisbon, in fact.

3. Malkovich appreciates location and geography, architecture and its variety. Great people everywere and good food.

4. He also loves fado, the old traditional music. Fado has its root on words like “destiny” and “fate” and it can be traced to the 19 th century or even earlier.

5. Questioned if Lisbon is still the same, in his thought he believes that should not be the same, as Lisbon and Portugal received now much more people visiting these places, but still maintains its unique characteristics and thus he still prefers to come here in holidays.

6. It is also a good place to live. Not very far from the place he lives nowadays. He was considering to buy a house close to Lisbon, but was already sold when it comes closed to the decision.

7. Malkovich in what concerns recommendations to visit in Lisbon, mentions things like, just walking around, enjoying the beauties of nature or historical and cultural activities., museums, restaurants… There are lots of things to do in Lisbon

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